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meme! [17 Sep 2005|08:51am]

[ mood | meme ]

Friending Meme (with a twist!)

Yeah, this is another friending meme. But, wait! It's different. Instead of listing your name, age, location, hobbies, blah blah blah, I have another idea. We're going to list 10 interesting facts about ourselves that aren't the same boring old things that we happen upon in friending memes! And then comment to other people if you think they're interesting and fun, and make yourself some friends!

(EX: harrypotter says: 1. I used to live in a cupboard. 2. I have a thing for Asians and redheads. 3. I can see into Voldemort's thoughts a lot., etc.)

It'll be fun and interesting and a new way to get to know people! Have fun!

Feel free to pimp and share the wealth!
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meme [08 Sep 2005|07:14pm]

The Guessing Meme

Okay, the meme I made, like, 3 minutes ago was lame, so let's try this one:

You list about 3-5 things about yourself ANONYMOUSLY - unique things that describe you and your personality - and see just who out of your friends can guess who you are! Post as many times as you want! (Ex: 1. I have a scar. 2. I love caps lock. 3. I have an owl. Answer: harrypotter.) Have fun with it!

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meme [26 Aug 2005|05:39pm]

Oh, Snap! Meme

This is how it's gonna go: post something about another person (LJ user, RL, fictional, or famous). It must be anonymous, or it'll be deleted. The comment can be positive or negative, critical or just damn wanky - it doesn't really matter. You can make it like the Snaps Meme (but without the posting your username in a comment business, because really long threads and people making posts begging for comments can get annoying), except you have the freedom of saying whatever the hell you want. Just long as you don't leave your name attached.
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7/11/05 [11 Jul 2005|01:32am]

egggs benedict: why are indy and everyone being so mean to maddie
egggs benedict: it's really pissing me off
*********: i don't know. they always talked about her in chats
egggs benedict: maddie is like the nicest girl ever
*********: and i was always like "whydon't you guys like her"
*********: and they were like "we like her she's just annoying and like she's only watched a few eps of lost and is making icons"
egggs benedict: wtf
egggs benedict: that's so lame
egggs benedict: i hate people who think they're the best ever
*********: me too ugh
egggs benedict: lol
egggs benedict: but seriously. what the fuck.
egggs benedict: that girl is like so nice to everyone
egggs benedict: and they're just being assholes to her
*********: i don't know why they're always like "U SUX"
*********: it really annoyed me
egggs benedict: hmm
*********: in chatz i would just be like "wtf she didn't do anything"
egggs benedict: ughhh
*********: they sux
egggs benedict: got that right lol
egggs benedict: poor maddie though
*********: it annoys me so much
*********: they like...it's their beanie
*********: but she didn't DO anything
egggs benedict: ahahah
egggs benedict: i want to call them on it
*********: do it
egggs benedict: lol
egggs benedict: can i use this chat
*********: take out my screen name omfg
egggs benedict: lol ok

Well, if that's not the lamest thing I've ever heard, I don't know what is.

Btw, Maddie = coffee_day, the sweetest girl alive and has always been more than nice to EVERYONE.

Rule #1 About Icon-Making: You have to watch every episode of something before making icons. This also means that you would have to wait until the end of a sesaon before making icons. I mean, how would you even know if you liked the show yet? You haven't seen the whole thing!

Rule #2 About Icon-Making: Always get pimpchat (or their secret agent name -- 7467 -- because it's not OBVIOUS or anything)'s permission before even touching Photoshop. Eyconz r sirius biznuss.

Rule #3 About Icon-Making: HoW cOuLd yOu mAkE LoSt IcoNs OmG yOu'Ve OnLy SeEn 4 ePiSoDes OmG wHaT WoULd SaWyEr SaY AbOuT tHiS!!

The horror, the horror.
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6/18/05 [18 Jun 2005|12:44am]

[ mood | energetic ]

It's only been a day, but already even more drama is fanning out. It seems that not only do some people have nothing better to do than to sit there and stalk other people's user pics (just when we thought the user info wasn't enough!), but they come up with an ingenious scheme to steal said user pics and use them as their own. Oh, somebody call for help! These dipshits are out of control!

And here with thought the deviants in question (our beloved limeybean and libraire) were staunchly anti-drama, as seen with the following except from limeybean's LJ just yesterday!:

I've decided not to do an flist cut for now. I'm leaving everyone on for a week or two and seeing if the whole drama thing that's going on at the moment blows over and we can all move on. If it doesn't, and people continue to disappoint me then I'll have to do a cut.

Congratulations for further expanding your neverending hypocrisy. You never cease to amaze.

But you can't blame them, really. They wanted to lash out, and thus, invoked their wise 5th grade mentalities: "I'm taking your pencil! Nyah! Come and get it! What are you going to do about it?!" Kind of like an annoying puppy that likes to gnaw on your ankles, but then again still shits on the rug.

Prosecution Exhibit B:

Siriuslypls: >)

And so, ladies, anaphoric and snellios, just when it appeared that the two hypocrites in question had reached their prime, they outdo themselves again, only this time with an even greater lack of wit, which nobody—not even their own friends—seems to appreciate! In the words of everyone's favorite masked, death-star flying target for bantha fodder: "The douche is strong in this one!"

If you play with fire, you're only going to get burned.
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6/16/05 [16 Jun 2005|01:35am]

[ mood | amused ]

It's been a while since we had some hardcore drama that wasn't just "Oh, receipt looks like a frog." But put together a chat group, friend cuts, people who make fun of receipt, and some stuck up bitches, and you're more than likely going to milk out some drama.

(For the sake of keeping up with my swanky, journalistic style, from here on in I shall refer to myself in the 3rd person. Consider this a disclaimer, because I'm about to sound like a jackass.)

The chat group ljaxisofevil started, incuring some wrath and threats of lj cutting from a handful of people who talk a lot of shit. Namely receipt and her gang of self-righteous do-gooders who are of the opinion that anyone who actually talks to proleptical will be instantly corrupted by her evil, manipulative ways. How passé.

But all metaphorical hell breaks loose when outpour starts chatting with the group and friends a couple of the more controversial members. After a couple memes, sponsered by xforgottendream and acciofirebolt, everyone becomes aware of the fact that outpour is fraternizing with the "enemy". receipt threatens a friends cut for about the 197th time in her entire life (and that's not counting the antagonistic IMs to various members).

Cue the cronies.

limeybean IMs outpour demanding to know why she friended them after all the animosity between her and the people she friended, and not forgetting to call her a hypocrite. Which is kind of ironic, seeing as how only a couple weeks prior limeybean herself friended the same people after chatting with them, as well; only defriending them after drama erupted amongst her own chat community weloveusplz. Does it make outpour more of a hypocrite just because she isn't tied to a leash and has the maturity to pick and choose her own friends of her own free will? Debatable.

Apparently neutrality is an alien concept in LJ land. Survival of the fittest in a jungle full of savages just waiting to rip you apart and expose you in someone's journal, or even worse, a meme. Never again can you have mutual friends! It's an all out war, and mercy is sparse. Everyone is running around at lightning-fast speeds, worrying themselves sick over who's talking to who, because you absolutely cannot trust another human being as long as they are talking to another one.

The first to act on this primal instinct would, of course, be libraire. She cut many people, including close friends. And to the latter, she writes: "If you're of the latter(if you were you'd know), I still love you. I still want to talk to you. I'm not cutting you guys out of my life. Just out of my journal. I hope you understand." snellios comments that it contradicts the meaning of the word "friend" if you continue to love on them and talk to them yet refuse to let them read your entries. It's like saying, "Well, we're still friends, but I'm just going to cut you, because it makes me look like a badass and appeases everyone else!" Kind of backwards, dont'cha think?

And, of course, drama isn't complete without limeybean popping her head in and giving her two cents, even though she's been in debt for far too long. Unfortunately, all of her incredibly witty comments--explaining the obvious--have been either screened or deleted, so you won't get to revel in amusement like most others.

On seeing the error of her ways (though I doubt how she couldn't; it was pretty fucking huge), libraire added some of her friends back, showing us the true meaning of the word "hypocrite," though not by limeybean's definition, however, as that would entail a lot more prudishness and arrogance. Yet there are still constant threats from other parties of this sort of irrational entropy of friends. When will the ride end!?

And, evidently, receipt thinks the whole situation regarding her friends is "wack," as well, from the following comments: "if any of my friend give you more shit can you tell them that i say to kindly shut the fuck up? thanks." ... "really, i'm sorry that they're being stupid. but people are stupid. so just be like "LOLZ BEANIE SAYS FOR YOU TO GO GET SWATTED" or something, cause this is just bullshit."

Gee, permission to mock surely is granted! (Though fuck knows I would have done it anyway.)

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6/1/05 [01 Jun 2005|02:13am]

[ mood | blah ]

the patronus and boggart meme

People on LJ scare us. Who's your boggart? Also, who protects you -- figuratively speaking -- from your dementors? Who on LJ is your patronus? If you want, you can go on to add what form their patronus takes, etc.

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5/28/05 [28 May 2005|12:16am]

[ mood | giddy ]

7 Deadly Sins Meme

Pride. Greed. Envy. Wrath. Lust. Gluttony. Sloth. Who on LJ brings out the worst in you? Is there anyone you're jealous of? Lust after? Want to just seriously punch in the face? Bore you to death? Want to eat? Take more from than you give? Why?

Pimp it like it's hot. (And, yes, I'm aware that this is the 2nd anon meme in the past two days on this community. Shh.)
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5/26/05 [26 May 2005|11:02pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Mistaken Identity Meme: WHEN LJ GOES BAD

Who on LJ did you expect to be something else? Who on your flist did you add expecting one thing but ending up seeing something else? Does anyone else's personality on LJ surprise you? Why?

Pimp it. :)
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5/15/05 [15 May 2005|03:41pm]

The jerthepedo drama continues. Now focusing on his theoretical age. While he claimed to be 19-years-old, there's no evidence supporting this; but then again, there's no evidence opposing it either.

So before you go off screaming, "BUT, WAIT! WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE SUPPORTING THE FACT THAT HE'S A 40-YEAR-OLD PEDOPHILE?!" let us make clear to you that there isn't any. The statement 'jerthepedo is a 40-year-old pedophile' is a rumor. And like most other rumors, this one, too, was founded on speculation rather than fact. There is no proof to this unfounded rumor, so do yourself a favor and stop talking about it, before you make yourself sound like a bigger idiot.

And even if jerthepedo were to genuinely come back today and confess everything, what are the odds that you would honestly believe him? The only proof that we have to his identity are the words that he told us--which isn't saying much--and the fact that he lives in Toronto (which is true; anaphoric and I tracked his IP number).

No one knows his real story for sure, and no one will probably ever know.

What really needs to be focused on is the fact that he deceived many people who trusted him and thought they knew him, and maybe--just maybe--everyone can learn from this and be more careful with whom they give their trust.

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5/15/05 [15 May 2005|03:15am]

Well, it's almost hurricane season, and we can see drama mixing already!

After suddenly leaving LJ, telling no one of his whereabouts, it seems jerthepedo is back. Or is he?

The details surrounding jerthepedo were always a bit fishy. He plays basketball, but never has practice or games; he attends university, yet never goes to class; he has a job, yet never seems to be working. But when he posts this picture, what everyone didn't want to believe became more evident. Keep in mind that jerthepedo claims to be 19-years-old, 6'7", and a very accomplished actor (even having met the Prime Minister!).

He told us he was going to a concert sometime around April 4 -- Bob Dylan and Silverchair (Well, it was Silver-something, but I can't remember the name right now). So acciofirebolt goes to check out the venue, and she finds out that Silverchair is playing in NYC and Bob Dylan is playing in Chicago that day. And jerthepedo lives in Toronto. Dun, dun, DUN.

When he is confronted about not telling the truth and is asked to tell the truth, he replies that he can't right now. He's not ready to reveal these things. Naturally, this is a turn-off from wanting to talk to someone you've let most of your secrets out to. After that day, he is not seen from or heard from again.

Until now that is.

He comes back, makes an anon meme, a post about veelaoferised, and an explanation about his disapperance. It's too bad that his explanation is shamelessly ripped of the plotline of the popular, Japanese manga/anime, Fullmetal Alchemist.

tainted__tears points out that he is lying and that what he said comes straight out of a fictional anime series--which even if you weren't familiar with, it should be blatantly obvious it's not true anyway with mentions of transmutation, loss of limbs, ancient alchemy folklore, slavery, and perverse imagery littered throughout the story--but he apparently screens her comments and bans her and her icon journal from commenting. So she makes a public entry devoted to it, riling up some people, including receipt, and causing a stir in the LJ community regarding the true identity of jerthepedo. receipt makes an entry regarding her feelings here.

Whether you're confused about the identity of the new jerthepedo or the identity of the "real" old jerthepedo, it's obvious that it's causing quite a lot of drama indeed!
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Welcome! [01 May 2005|03:36am]

Welcome to drama_daily, your friendly, LJ drama feed edited and owned by lesyeuxverts and proleptical!

Here at drama_daily, we aim to accommodate the average LJ blogger with easy-access to controversial and drama-producing topics in the fandom, without having to search through threads and threads of uninteresting topics. We'll try our best to cover as much of the lively LJ drama scene as we possibly can.

Warning: As this is a drama-related community, we hold the right to mock any and all drama. Our only rule is that there are no rules. Sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

If you are interested in watching drama_daily, you can friend the community here.

Thanks for reading!

lesyeuxverts and proleptical.
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